She Married an Elderly Millionaire for His Money but I Never Imagined What She Would Do

Love is blind but greed is not and, from time to time,  the two become confused and very difficult to distinguish.  This is what happened with our protagonists today, a strange and diametrically opposed couple, who found themselves involved in controversy due to  their age difference and economic class. 

The marriage formed by Sandrine Devillard and Marcel Amphoux, a billionaire hermit 25 years her senior, generated a great stir in France.

Friends and family accused his young wife of manipulating Marcel to get his fortune.

The press called them:  “Lady and the Tramp” – parodying the great Disney classic – and public opinion was filled with opinions about their love story.

Sandrine had been a model in her youth and has a great taste for luxury and fashion. After her wedding, she moved in with him, but she was frequently away in the city, where she was in charge of running Marcel’s business.

Marcel was an eccentric millionaire, but not one of those who boast about his fortune. On the contrary, he liked to live like a hermit in a house without electricity in the mountains and, despite having money, he was missing a few teeth.

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